For Michiganders who have had a bottle of Robitussin Honey sitting in your cabinet for a while, you may want to pull it out and check the lot number, because bottles containing certain numbers could be contaminated with possibly deadly microbes.

Haleon voluntarily recalled eight lots of Robitussin Honey CF Max Day Adult and Robitussin Honey CF Max Nighttime Adult in a recent announcement from the parent company. The product is being recalled due to microbial contamination, and as they point out, the contaminated bottles could bring fatal side effects:

In immunocompromised individuals, the use of the affected product could potentially result in severe or life-threatening adverse events such as fungemia or disseminated fungal infection. In non-immunocompromised consumers, the population most likely to use the product, life-threatening infections are not likely to occur. However, the occurrence of an infection that may necessitate medical intervention cannot be completely ruled out.


How To Tell If My Robitussin Honey Is Contaminated

The following lot numbers & Expiration dates should be thrown out immediately:

Robitussin Honey CF MAX Day Adult 4 oz:
T10810- Exp: 31OCT2025

Robitussin Honey CF MAX Day Adult 8oz:
T08730- Exp: 31MAY2025
T08731- Exp: 31MAY2025
T08732- Exp: 31MAY2025
T08733- Exp: 31MAY2025
T10808- Exp: 30SEP2025

Robitussin Honey CF MAX NT Adult 8oz:
T08740- Exp:30JUN2026
T08742- Exp:30JUN2026

Of course, if you feel like you may be facing extreme side effects after taking medicine that has come from the above-marked bottles, you should contact your physician or healthcare provider and dispose of the medicine right away.

FDA Food Recalls for January 2024

Gallery Credit: Reesha Cosby


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