It's less than a two hour drive from Kalamazoo. Wizard's World is a Rock & Roll Heaven, with more than a dozen music-themed pinball machines.

"Ever since I was a young boy, I played the silver ball." That part of Tommy's story is true for me. Most kids grow up throwing the ball with dad in the back yard, what I remember most is playing pinball. It was everywhere in the '70's, and has made a resurgence the last few years with technology and gameplay better than ever.

Intellectual property is another big component of a successful pinball machine. Every game needs a theme. Rock and roll has always been a part of the scene. Elton John, KISS, The Rolling Stones and even Ted Nugent were all featured on the backglass back in the day, and Led Zeppelin is one of the hottest new machines out right now, with Guns 'n Roses, The Beatles, Metallica, and Iron Maiden titles among recent favorites.

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In an unassuming strip mall just outside of Fort Wayne is Wizard's World- an arcade that has more than a dozen of these rock and roll machines and many more. Take a look at the photos below and save up your quarters for a visit.

Wizard's World

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