For 40 years, the Golden Raspberry Awards, colloquially referred to as the Razzies, has honored the worst that Hollywood has to offer.

Created by publicist John Wilson in 1981, the original Golden Raspberry Awards was little more than a bunch of friends getting together to make fun of terrible movies.

“I set up a cardboard podium in my living room, put a foam ball on a broomstick to create a microphone and just asked people to make random award presentations," Wilson recalled of the first Razzie Awards during a conversation with the BBC.

From those humble beginnings, it has since grown to a full scale event, covered by press across the globe.

Like the Academy Awards — the prestigious event on which the Golden Raspberry Awards is loosely based — the Razzies feature categories for all aspects of films, including acting, directing, screenplay and music.

Sylvester Stallone currently holds the record among actors, having taken home 10 Razzies in the past. Among actresses, Madonna holds the dubious title, having “won” nine times.

Of course, the Material Girl is far from the only musician to be singled out by the Razzies. Many rockers have been nominated and even won the tongue-in-cheek award, including some of the biggest names in music history.

Prince was a repeat offender, singled out for both his musical and acting contributions. Freddie Mercury, AC/DC, U2 and Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee are among the other legendary rockers to feel the Razzies’ wrath. Some artists have even had the strange experience of earning Oscar and/or Grammy nominations for the same piece of work that was deemed Razzie-worthy.

Check out our collection of rock stars who’ve been nominated for Razzie Awards in the gallery below.


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