Soon you can roll up to Gull Road and get ice cream treats, an entire meal or a bubble tea to go as the third Kalamazoo-area Rollup Ice Cream prepares to open.

It's definitely not a cone, yet not quite a dish; it's a rollup. They make it right in front of you at Rollup Ice Cream. The ice cream is spread out in a thin layer, like pizza sauce- this is the base. Then, the "toppings" are added, options like strawberries, bananas, Oreo cookie crumbles, salted caramel, chocolate drizzle, and even Nutella are on the menu. Choose from twenty-one signature rollups on the menu board or customize your own. Once the toppings are added, the layers are rolled up like a little frozen ice cream enchilada, ensuring there is flavor in every bite.

This unique dessert has its origins in Thailand, where it is sometimes called "stir-fried ice cream." The first Kalamazoo location opened on Stadium Drive and then a second storefront took over what was once Via Gelato near Erbelli's on Portage Road in Portage. The third Kalamazoo-are store in this fast-growing franchise opens very soon in Comstock, at 5907 Gull Road, just East of Sprinkle.

The rollup ice cream is a treat, and the restaurant also offers refreshing, flavorful bubble teas, and a small menu of sandwiches and wraps for a more substantial meal. In another unique twist, non-dairy and vegetarian options are offered, and some dishes are vegan-friendly. SO, the next time you want an uncommon dessert and a treat for your taste buds, rollup to this new local business.

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Rollup Ice Cream

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