Tacos in Saginaw aren't just tacos. A true Saginaw Taco is like nothing else anywhere from here to Mexico and NBA star Draymond Green just made them famous.

As reported by MLive, here's how Green, a Saginaw native, described taco bread:

My favorite food... if you ever want to go... I'm from Saginaw, Michigan, we got this taco -- we call it taco bread -- some people call it tortillas. It's taco bread though. We got this taco bread store called Vargas and they make the best corn tortillas and flour all that, it's incredible.

The taco bread, er, tortillas are made by Vargas & Sons located at Park and Federal in Saginaw.

The secret to Saginaw tacos is deep frying the tortilla with all the ingredients closed in using toothpicks. Those deep fried tacos are then topped with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, commonly known as "the salad."

This video presents the secret of making Saginaw Tacos.

This video, filmed as a festival in Saginaw also shows the city's taco creation in action. You can see the toothpicked and fried puffy tacos.

Vargas and Sons does sell their taco bread/tortillas online if you can't make it to Saginaw.

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