Somebody captured something truly magical while driving last week in Lincoln Park, Michigan, and at the same time turned me onto a creation I never knew existed. From what I've learned the thing is called a Scootski, where you take a scooter and fit it with a sea-doo, which is just about the most Michigan vehicle I can think of. The thing is licensed as well, so it's totally legal, as you can see from the video below.

It turns out this bike isn't the only one, as there's a Facebook group dedicated to others who have also built Scootskis to share advice, pictures and videos. Apparently this thing, although awkward, let's you know it's coming from a distance:

See that compressor on back of that Scootski! That powers the horns! It’s as loud as a train! Very loud!!!!

While this is an awesome invention and super creative, people took the opportunity to crack jokes:

Stupid he’s not wearing a life vest. He could drown in some of the potholes filled with water around Michigan

Of course though, we can't forget the people that took the opportunity to be negative in anyway they could:

Wtf buy a jet ski for on the water.... buy a proper bile for the road, unless this does both what's the point?

Listen, this thing is friggin' funny. It doesn't have to work for both to be a thing. I love when people get creative and find new ways to express them, as it's just one more thing that makes our state great.

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