It’s crazy to think how time has a way of flying by so fast you realize some of your favorite restaurants I used to be around I’ve been gone for so long. One place we are reflecting on today is a bakery and buffet that was located off Capitol Avenue in Battle Creek called Ryan's Grill Buffet & Bakery.

Ryan’s close down about 16 years ago and the building was demolished and once sat where the Long John Silver's now sits, and one person even shared a rare photo that they found using Google of Ryan's Grill Buffet & Bakery before it was torn down.
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Google Street View
Google Street View

Ryan's Buffet (1989-2007). I remember sometimes as a kid when my grandparents would take me and my younger brothers up to Battle Creek (We're from Coldwater) so we could eat here. This picture from Street View dates to 2008. This is after the restaurant closed but prior to the building's demolition.

A few people recall their time spent there, and even one person had a family member who work there at one point:

My mom was a waitress there when I was born (1995). I remember eating there a couple of times as a little kid.

Others didn't have such fond memories:

Our family ate at this buffet all the time. Always had the skids afterward.

Regardless of the after-effects, it is impressive how we can forget just how much can change in such a small time frame. Luckily, we continue to get new greasy spoons and locally owned shops and it's important we continue to support local businesses in the area so we don't continue to lose classics.

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