While quarantining can be a bit of a bummer, Sebastian Bach is making the most of the downtime. In a new social media post, Bach revealed that he's recording vocals to be used in a new Stern Pinball machine that will be heavy metal themed.

"Quarantine rocks! Had a blast in my home studio yesterday laying down vocals for the upcoming @sternpinball 'Heavy Metal' Pinball Machine!! With music recorded by Brendon Small from Metalocalypse. I am proud to be a guest vocalist for Dethklok," said Bach.

He continued, "We are recording a song from the Heavy Metal soundtrack album which is an album that I love! All I had to do was go to my vinyl library (which is in my studio), put on the record, learn this mother trucker and then lay it down! This is the first pinball machine I have ever done vocals for and I am honored to be a part of this!"

Bach reveals that he plans to tease a bit of his work on an upcoming episode of "Keeping Up With the Sebastian's," that he's also filming during the downtime.

The vocalist then went on to address the "lockdown" from touring during the coronavirus pandemic, stating, "I have done so much touring over the last few years that this whole lockdown situation is working out okay for me! Yes I wish this never happened obviously but I have a new record deal and I finally have the time now to get cracking on my new record! We can definitely record during this time sending files back and forth and I am totally set up to lay down vocals right here in my crib so this is working out great actually!"

Check out the full post from Bach below.

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