Kalamazoo has always had a natural music scene and has produced some very unique bands over the years. Especially considering it’s International Women’s Month, we feel it important to draw attention to a new all-woman punk rock band that has formed in the heart of Kalamazoo.

Sierra Miffed was the brainchild of Jena Tiller, who recently revealed that this is something she has wanted for a long time, but only recently opened up about:

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I was tired of telling myself that I couldn't. It's been a dream of mine since I was 12 years old and first discovered punk rock. I got my first guitar at 15 and never really moved past power chords because, as far as I was concerned, that's all I needed.

But to have a band you need to have a group of people who are of the same mind, which is when Katy May entered the fold, being a musician in 4 other projects:

I know it's very un-punk to say, but I thought I wasn't good enough, or cool enough, or whatever. I had many years of unlearning internalized misogyny before I finally got to a point where I spoke the words out loud to someone: "I've always wanted to start an all-girl punk band." Thankfully, that someone was Katy May, who with zero hesitation said, "Let's do it!"

Sierra Miffed
Sierra Miffed

That was Halloween of 2022, but she didn't take her up on the offer until January of 2023. But Katy is no stranger to playing live music and knew they needed a bassist to complete the trio, which they found in Leah Shanahan, according to Katy:

We struggled to find a bassist who was free enough to join a new band. Jena talked to Leah about our trouble, so Leah went out and bought a bass setup and learned how to play.

Sierra Miffed
Sierra Miffed

2nd Show On Friday, March 8 on International Women's Day

Miffed played their first show in January at Up and Under to an excited crowd. The band has made their first round of merch, Sierra Miffed shirts, that they'll be bringing with them Friday, March 8th at the Recreation Collective inside the Park Trades Center in Downtown Kalamazoo. Katy is especially excited for this next show:

We’re so stoked to be playing this Friday at Recreation Co and love that it happens to be International Women’s Day.

What Is Sierra Miffed?

According to Katy, the name came about because of pop, as allegedly there were a few names Jena had in mind for the band:

She came to the table with two band names. Sierra Miffed was one. It seemed too perfect to pass up considering Sierra Mist just changed to Starry.

Those interested in getting MIFFED, can follow them here on their Facebook for more event announcements.

Sierra Miffed Debut Show At Up and Under in Kalamazoo, MI

Miffed played their first show in January at Up and Under to an excited crowd.

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