Semi Flipped At Exit 92
Photo: Brad Carpenter

A semi-truck, carrying Prairie Farms dairy products, flipped while turning onto the Exit 92 eastbound on-ramp to I-94, at approximately 4:45 PM Thursday afternoon.

According to an exclusive interview with the driver of the truck, he was on his bluetooth device and as he turned onto the ramp from West Columbia Avenue, felt the truck begin to roll onto its side. The windshield of the semi was blown-out and he was suspended in the cab by his seat-belt. He unlatched the belt and was able to exit the vehicle. The driver, who was uninjured, said that the truck had just been weighed and was carrying a load of 34,000 pounds, which is under the maximum load.

Authorities had not arrived on the scene at the time of this report.

UPDATE: EB I-94 Exit to M-37 (Columbia Ave) Exit 92 was closed shortly after the accident, and re-opened around 9:30pm Thursday, according to the Michigan Department of Transportation. 

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