Should delivery drivers be tipped more to bring you food during snowstorms and other inclement weather? Kalamazoo locals took to Reddit to hash it out.

One Reddit user feels that if you do order delivery in hazardous weather conditions, you should tip more:

We all know why you're getting it delivered, the roads suck. you're hungry... you don't want to go out in this shit... so order up, but please think of the people that actually bring that food to your door, and tip them accordingly, a delivery fee is not a tip, drivers usually get 50 to 75 cents out of that fee per run, and right now, that's not even enough to cover the gas. not to mention it's treacherous out there. so please, don't be a dick, and tip your driver.

No I don't deliver, but my partner used to, for a long time, and I see these guys out on the road and just hope, that no one stiffs them today.


Let us know in the comment section below, should you tip more when ordering delivery during really bad weather?

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