We definitely have no shortage of interesting homes here in Southwest Michigan. In Kalamazoo, particularly there are a lot of unique homes from all sorts of different areas.

But there are also some unique apartments that become available every once in a while that are completely different and stand out. One of those kinds of apartments just became available in Allegan and somebody has gone through the arduous undertaking of completely refurbishing a silo and turning it into a viable apartment.

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In fact, there are multiple units within the silo located at 3478 104th Ave in Allegan, but there is currently only one for rent for $900. It says it’s listed at 800 sq. ft. and features everything from an oven a sink and a living area with a bedroom and also has a full bathroom installed as well. From what we can tell on the listing it’s the second unit that is currently listed.

Nice updated unique silo apartment in Allegan. The unit features two floors with amazing views of nature. Laundry facility on site. All utilities are included with the rent.

Silo Life

The silo is just east of Emerson Lake and if you're not afraid of heights I imagine this would be a pretty cool place to live. It may not have the MOST space but considering you'd be living in such a unique place, under $1,000 is pretty much a miracle at this point in time.

Yes, There's An Actual Apartment in This Old Silo in Allegan

This is definitely one of the most unique apartments you'll see today.

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