We have heard of Sip N Paint, Puff N Paint, and every other variation of drinking or smoking and creating art, but this next concept may be one that we've been missing. Most of us enjoy shopping, whether it's going to outlet malls, going to a regular mall, or even just staying in town and hitting department stores and local businesses. So why not add the sipping portion to shopping and have a grand time.

Kalamazoo is getting the opportunity to see what it's like to sip and shop at the same time. I would be smart and bring cash only and have an exact amount to spend because we know once you start drinking, money can get blurry. This weekend, Sunday, July 10th, from 3 pm-7 pm at the Girls Scouts building located at 601 W Maple St, there will be over 30 vendors, a DJ, and a drink vendor.

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On Sunday Bands Over Bucks will be the presenting sponsor, Sic Music will be providing the sounds for the day, while Luxury Sips will be in charge of making sure everyone stays hydrated. There will be tons of vendors there, all black-owned businesses, ready to share their products with the community. They will have all types of products available from self-care, to clothing, to art and other decor items.

This is an opportunity to go out with friends or family to enjoy a nice drink and shop a little bit. There will be food vendors available as well, along with other drink vendors there than the sponsored Luxury sips. Community events like these not only help with networking but provides new, local products to consumers and helps small, local, and in this case, black businesses grow.

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