Meet Nikki Dobos.

Nikki Dobos


Nikki is a local makeup artist who has worked on stage, screen, and Yours Truly. But when she's not busy being stunningly gorgeous... she's making herself and others look hideous.

Nikki Dobos


Her make up and special effects talents landed her the job of turning New York actor Jarrad Biron Green in to the Toxic Avenger for Farmers Alley's musical of the same name.


I sat down with Nikki to pick her brain about what goes in to bringing Toxie alive...


You've had experience doing special effects makeup for horror films in the past. What's the biggest difference between effects makeup for film and live theater?

Doing this for theater instead of film is very different and yet very much the same. It's great because it's further away which adds some leeway within the design but it also sucks because there is a lot of detail in Toxie's face prosthetic that the audience will never really see. And when I'm working on a film, I have time to create the perfect look for the cameras, which are right in the actor's face. In this show, we have about a minute and a half to do a full costume change and apply his face. It's very quick which is terrifying and exhilarating.

Farmers Alley

Toxic Avenger has a very specific "B Movie" feel. What were your references for finding "Toxie" and the crews' makeup?

I referenced the original movie to start. If seemed like a good jumping off point. I've loved this musical for almost a decade so I was very familiar with other theaters had done with it and I wanted to stay true to the original vision while putting my own spin on it. I spent a lot of time with Rob, the director, Nicole, the costume designer, and Jarrad, the actor playing Toxie, on what they felt was important for the character and what they saw in Toxie. Then I took all of our ideas, smashed them together and Toxie was born.

Farmers Alley

How much gore can people expect in this R rated show?

People can definitely expect some gore, but it's cheesy, fun, campy gore. It's a lot of simulated gore.

Nikki Dobos

What's next for Nikki Dobos?

Wow. I am hoping a lot. I've got a film coming up this summer. I'm in talks for a few other projects so we'll just have to see where life takes me.

Farmers Alley's Toxic Avenger Musical runs February 3rd through the 19th in The Little Theater. For tickets, showtimes, and more information, click here.