Ask anyone who has lived in South Bend what a favorite bakery treat is, and you'll likely hear about the 'TV Bar.' This chocolate cake bomb is beloved in the northern Indiana city.

And the TV bar seems to be unique there. Head out of the city, even to its neighbors like Elkhart and Niles and you'll be hard-pressed to find a bakery that sells them.

So what exactly is a TV bar? Think of it like a Hostess Ding Dong in bar form. It's a chocolate cake topped with white cream then enrobed in chocolate.

Mentions of the TV bar come up often on social media and start with nostalgia for the bakery that is generally credited for creating the treat, Dainty Maid. Where does the name come from? That no one can seem to answer. Maybe it was considered a treat to have while watching television.

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That bakery has been closed for several years now but the memory lives on.

Anyone remember the Dainty Maid Bakery? Mom use to take us there and we got something they called a TV Bar and it was oh soooo good. Always said if I ever had to choose a last meal it would be a gallon of milk and as many of those as I could eat and Id be happy, sick but oh so happy

With Dainty Maid closed, a bakery on the other side of the St Joseph River, Macri's still offers a TV bar.

Want to try one? Macri's Bakery sells them online, but sorry to say there's no shipping available store pick-up only for these treats.

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