Every state has their own designs for their highway shield like Michigan's diamond with large 'M.' But is it the best in the nation?

Road-enthusiast site AA Roads is conducting a poll to find the best highway shield design.

Michigan will likely be paired up with North Carolina, which also has a diamond-shaped highway shield, with the different being no letter like our Michigan M and the North Carolina diamond's corners are rounded while Michigan's are squared.

Will Michigan win the poll? Probably not, sadly. Michigan's diamond is not quite as dull as states that have their highway numbers in plain squares. But there are much more interesting designs like state outlines and colorful shields that will likely be more popular than Michigan.

For what it's worth, in my opinion, the best highway shield in America belongs to South Carolina. The state outline and the symbols of the crescent moon and palmetto all done in a nice blue. It's a winner.

South Carolina Shield
Eric Meier Collection

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