It's no secret; I love me some theater.  On stage, back stage - you name it, I've been there, done it.  The number of soundtracks in my collection is embarrassing.  I can't dance without throwing out some Fosse moves and saying "Fosse" while doing it.  It's kind of a wonderful thing when two kindred souls meet and stoke the fires of their inner geeks.  That's why I adore Tracey Lawie from Miller Auditorium.  Her "geek love" knows no bounds when it comes to Broadway. She has made a career of booking the touring companies to today's hottest shows. She is the one that brings Miller Auditorium the entertainment from The Great White Way.  So what do two professional, grown-ass women do to celebrate "Dirty Dancing" coming to Miller Auditorium?  We drive around and sing the score at the top of our lungs, of course.

Keep watching to hear my sick bass voice and The Lift... of course we did The Lift.

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