The Civic Theatre
The Civic Theatre

I know what you're thinking; I usually do comedies, right?  I mean, anything with more than 3 doors, mistaken identities, wild accents, and prat falls in my wheelhouse. I am honored to share the stage with a wonderfully talented cast and help bring this important story to the stage.

In 1960, Harper Lee published a little book called To Kill a Mockingbird. How could she have known it would effect readers for decades to come. Set in Alabama in 1935, it is certainly not hard to see racial divide, inequality, bigotry, and prejudice in this heartbreaking story parrallelled today. Now, The Kalamazoo Civic Theatre is bringing the lessons Scout Finch teaches us to the stage. Warning... to keep true to the story there is mild staged violence and racial slurs used.

To Kill a Mockingbird plays in the Civic Auditorium, February 17 through March 4th. Ticket prices range from $15 - $25. For more information call the box office at 269-343-1313 or click the button below.

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