Say you decided to come to a college in Michigan from somewhere warm and tropical. You'd be expected to get used to what can be a harsh winter. Instead this college student took to Facebook to complain, and gets appropriately trolled back by Michigan.

The post appeared during an early March surprise snowstorm that dumped up to a foot of snow in some parts of the Lower Peninsula. The Facebook post was captured and shared with reddit's r/Michigan subreddit.

Should we have sympathy for a whiny out-of-stater or should they attempt to acclimate to the climate of the state to which they chose to move?

Stupid 'Michiagan' Drivers

Yes, you read that typo right it appears in the opening seconds of the video below. Michiagan apparently has bad drivers. That's one out-of-stater's blanket statement after he got cut off by someone racing into a McDonald's parking lot. While we'll admit it was a jerk move to cut this driver off. It would be unfair to characterize an entire state's drivers. And if you are going to make that blanket statement, at least spell the name of the state correctly.

Caution - there is a moment of NSFW language in the video

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