A few years after I moved to Michigan, I watched from a distance as a former coworker of mine, Danielle Morrissey, detailed the struggle of her son's diagnosis. What she originally thought were night terrors was later revealed to be a seizure every five minutes.

Every. Five. Minutes.

Studies, surgeries, specialists, tests, prescriptions followed.  When nothing worked, they started over with more surgeries, seeing more specialists, going through more tests, and trying out more prescriptions; much had little or no effect. Seeing pictures of this young man with what can only be described as a Mother Board of wires coming out of his head, hooked up to multiple machines makes my heart ache. But Derek is strong, and he's not giving up.

Obviously, the last few years have taken quite a toll on the family; both emotionally and financially. Friends of the family have set up a booster page to help out. From t-shirts to hoodies, v-necks to long sleeves, you, too, can be Derek Strong.

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