Tour De Zoo Tonight at Binder Park Zoo!
It's finally here! The one event in Southwest Michigan that combines biking, beasts, and BEER!  It's Tour De Zoo at Binder Park Zoo.  You want to wear a costume?  Great!  You want to skip that part, that's fine, too; just bring yourself and plan on having a very, VERY fun time at the zoo...
Northern Ireland Rides with Kalamazoo
In the wake of the hit-and-run that left five bicyclists dead and four in critical condition, it's still hard to grasp that something so horrible to happen in our wonderful, little city, could have a global affect. Yet, in Belfast, Northern Ireland, 3,451 miles away from Kalamazoo, the Titanic Quarter Cycling Club dedicated a ride to the victims of the June 7th incident...
Grab Your Bike May Is National Bike Month
The Month of May is National Bike Month and we are lucky to be in the state that is known as, "the trail state".   There are more than 12,500 miles of trails through out Michigan so plenty of places to get out and ride.