In the wake of the hit-and-run that left five bicyclists dead and four in critical condition, it's still hard to grasp that something so horrible to happen in our wonderful, little city, could have a global affect. Yet, in Belfast, Northern Ireland, 3,451 miles away from Kalamazoo, the Titanic Quarter Cycling Club dedicated a ride to the victims of the June 7th incident.


According to an article from WWMT:

More than 30 members made the ride on Sunday, from their club to city hall, where they stood in silence for one minute before heading back. The club's chairman says the tragedy has had an impact on cyclists all over the world.

Boston held a similar ride for the "Kalamazoo 9" last week.

My heart swells with the show of support for Kalamazoo.

Photo by Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images for Ironman