When my fiancee Kathy sent me a text about these turn signal gloves, I rolled my eyes. But the more I thought about it, the more sense it made. Turn signal gloves. Sure, especially for my morning show partner, Bobby, who bikes all the time, and will drive 50 miles to do it. But if and when things get back to normal, if you're in a busy downtown area during shopping season, its a quick way to let people know which way your zigging when they want to zag. Look out you bikers on the Kal-Haven Trail on a busy weekend.

And how many times are you driving around Kalamazoo at night, and there are people walking, but wearing dark clothing. We can argue whether that is dumb or not, but if one of those walkers raised an arm and it signaled they are going left, that sure would go a long way to you not hitting them with your vehicle, and, in turn, them not dying or being severely hurt.

These "award winning" gloves sell on Amazon for about $65. And if you scroll down its page, you find out they were invented by an obsessed Google engineer, (obsessed with biking safety, to clarify) who wanted to create the best possible bike light. And we all know the use of turn signals drastically increases the safety of cars, and now these gloves to same for cyclists.

But here's maybe the best selling point of them all: As it says on the Amazon page..."Let's face it, bike lights are top targets for thieves. Zackees Turn Signal Gloves are theft resistant because they stay with the rider. Zackees are also ready to go-out-of-the-box and don't require installation."

You know, it's not a big a stretch to think these gloves could be synced with the microchip in your brain. Then, it's look out.

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