What was the worst Christmas present you've ever received as child or otherwise is the question posed to our listeners. It was met (as you expect) with some very hilarious results. Everything from an empty box to a brand new VCR in a digital world were just a few of our key responses.

We do need to set aside the "It's the thought that counts" reasoning behind some gift giving as that case is tolerable when it comes to a small child but instinctively as adults, we know when we are "mailing it in" when it comes to gift giving. Our examples seemed more thoughtless or life lesson in nature.

So without further ado'....here are our favorite listener responses.

Loraine: I received an empty box from my husband one year. he told me it was a box of love. He even gave me a hug when presenting it. That was the last hug he ever received from me.

Manny: I always wanted a Buzz Lightyear. I begged for months to get one for Christmas.  So imagine my surprise when I opened my present and saw a Buzz Lightyear staring back at me...from a McDonalds Happy Meal...Bah Humbug!

Bill: I got Nicotine patches and a paisley jacket one year.  Never did quit smoking...lol

Nathan: My grandmother got me one of those giant Hershey Kisses one year and it came...partially eaten. She claimed she was too hungry to wait for Christmas dinner driving over and started eating my present. In all fairness, she did say she would get me another one. She never did,

Troy: I opened a brand new VCR one year. Too bad it was at a time when everything had turned to digital like DVD players etc.

There ya go - a few hilarious responses from our listeners. What about you? Have a bad gift giving experience you want to share?

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