In the movie A Christmas Story, the main character Ralphie becomes hell-bent on a mission to obtain the one Christmas present he's always wanted, a Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-shot Range Model air rifle. Unfortunately for Ralphie, he can't dodge the age old dreaded "momily "You'll shoot your eye out". In the end however, it works out for Ralphie as he's given the present he's pined for so long only to....well...nearly shoot his eye out.

Must be nice to get the present you actually asked for instead of packaged underwear and socks. I mean I can't tell you how badly I wanted the new G.I.Joe with Kung Fu Grip when I was a kid. OH, how I wanted that toy.  The more I saw the commercial the more I had to have it.

I'm pretty sure like Ralphie in A Christmas Story, I too went overboard with the hints. One time I actually tossed my little brother into our dining room set using my kung fu grip on him. He ended up breaking his collar bone (caused by that fall) and I knew right then the Kung Fu Grip could (and should) be used in defending our house against any intruders sent on a mission to destroy GI Joe.  Surely my Mom could see the advantages of the Kung Fu Grip now right???

When my Mom confronted me about hurting my brother, I simply retorted with something lame like "If I had my Kung Fu Grip G.I.Joe it would've been the intruders  with a broken collar bone instead of my brother". It didn't work. It seemed to only anger her more as I was then punished with a half a day time out in my room.

I never did end up getting a Kung Fu Grip G.I.Joe and I sometimes feel like my little brother whining and crying over a simple fractured collar bone (what a wuss) always reminded her of that toy and that it would probably only elevate my aggressive behavior if I owned one.

At least that's the way I reasoned it.

If you had one toy you always wanted but never got, download our APP (see below) and then text us what that toy was. I promise to use it on the air and then we can sulk together on how life was so much tougher when we were

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