I'm not really sure where the concept of exchanging gifts at Christmas came from or when it began but if you google the beginnings of the tradition, it precedes even gifts given at the birth of Christ. If you dig deep enough, you'll learn that it was expected that subjects would give gifts to their superiors. Wow, imagine you're a lowly peasant and your ruler is expecting a present form you. That's just messed up man.  Talk about pressure.

The pressure of getting someone the perfect gift is one of the main reason I'm not on board with the whole gift giving tradition. Oh, many will say "its the thought that counts" when it comes to gift giving but those saying that are usually the people who give out crappy gifts.

Lets face it, there's a lot of pressure in gift giving and it could actually ruin a relationship if not done properly. Man, that's just too much pressure if you ask me. To be honest, gift giving really is the best way to read how a person really feels about you.

Here, I'll rank the three types of gift giving and what it means from that person when you receive the gift.

The Perfect Gift-

Why you got it: I really need something from you so I researched your hobbies and interests on your social media pages even more than I cared too but I just need to solidify our relationship for something I have coming up in the future. Merry Christmas and thank you for the return gift of fruit cake, its really what I wanted this year.

Gift Card:

Why you got it: I Don't know you that well but I was obligated to get you a gift. Enjoy $10 at Applebees even though there isn't one within 15 miles of your home.

Homemade Craft:

Why you got it: I can't stand you. I would've made this stupid gift from my craft table  whether I needed to get get you a present or not. So I spent a couple of extra spare minutes and made this row of paper snowflakes just for you. After-all...its the thought that counts :)

So please, this year, Lets spare the unnecessary expenditure on both time and money on buying each other gifts. I'll save my money and not buy you anything that you will take home and immediately throw in a storage bin in the garage never to be seen again and you save your money and do not buy me anything that'll I'll simply re-gift or donate to Goodwill 10 minutes after you give it me.

and with that...Merry Christmas!!

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