Here we are approaching the holiday season. With that, kids all over the country will be making their wishlist and keeping their fingers crossed that those wishes will come true.

Those lists may include things like legos, a new swing set, puppies, and dolls. While I can't help you with most of those, I can direct you towards unique dolls that are made right here in Kalamazoo.

Kattie Kollections, which you can find on Facebook, specializes in making custom dolls that are inclusive. The description on their page says that Kattie Kollections focuses on,

empowering, uplifting and encouraging all of our children to love their melanin and mane!

When browsing through the big-box stores, it's easy to find a doll, sure. Blue eyes, blonde problem. But, oftentimes, kids may not be able to find a doll that accurately represents them. Yes, things may be slowly becoming more inclusive but, there is still work to be done.

With Kattie Kollections, the doll can be specified to match your kid from head to toe, if that's what they want. Take a look at a few of her dolls below:

And these:

Those outfits, though! These dolls are gorgeous.

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Here's a video giving a better idea of what they look like:

Kattie Kollections doesn't have a physical store but, recently they were featured in the Handmade Boutique in Kalamazoo:

If you have a custom idea in mind, the best way to get in touch with Kattie Kollections is through email at

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