Unpopular Opinion: Lions Should Be Jettisoned From Thanksgiving D
his means when the Lions play the Houston Texans this Thanksgiving, the entire country will have been exposed to 86 years of Detroit Lions football on Thanksgiving Day. Just how thankful do you think America is for this? Now you know why Thanksgiving is constantly ignored and upstaged by Christmas every year.
5 Curses That Could Lift The Lions "Bobby Lane" Curse
Over 50 years have passed and Layne's curse still grips this team like a chimp holds onto the underbelly of its mother when being carried. Yeah, the Bobby Lane Curse nor the Madden curse are going anywhere anytime soon my friends.
5 Examples Of Facepalm Crushing Losses By Our Detroit Lions
I remember after watching this game that something snapped in me - I honestly cannot produce any sort of emotional reaction to anything stupidly insane that the Lions pull now. I'm emotionless when it comes to them SMH. I think I need therapy.
Lions Vs Da' Bears: Our List Of Delusional Expectations
look for Trubisky to set an NFL record for completions, touchdowns and most pizzas ordered for an NFL locker room celebration. A downtrodden QB finds new life against the Lions - always happens to the Lions and this Sunday will be no exception.

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