Just as the title says... sorry foodies.

Every summer the city of Muskegon highlights their local eats (restaurants, vendors, food trucks) with a food festival called "Taste of Muskegon." However, due to the uncertainty of COVID-19 restrictions festival organizers have decided to move the festival to this fall.

The director of Taste of Muskegon told the Grand Rapids Business Journal that they made the final decision after speaking with local business owners and everyone agreed having the festival in June would hurt attendance numbers.

We hope that by moving to the fall, we can gather in greater numbers.

Don't get too bummed out, though! Organizers still plan on holding a virtual event from June 12 to 19 where restaurants will feature "taste flights" that you can go try during that week. Each flight will contain four different bites that the restaurant has created. In addition, mini events will be held throughout the summer to keep the spirit of the festival alive, and give you a "taste" of what's to come in the fall.

Taste of Muskegon will hold the main event September 24 and 25 at Hackley Park in Muskegon. As well as a bunch of food, the festival will have live music and lots of beer.

Stay updated with the festivities, and participating restaurants, on the website or on the official Facebook page.

Taste of Muskegon plans on going back to normal in 2022... marking their 16th year.

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