There was recently talk of Kid Rock potentially being considered for political office in Michigan by the Republican party, but he's not the only rocker who might have an interest in running for Senate. Ted Nugent's name has been bandied about and the rocker discussed his interest during a recent appearance on the Lars Larson Show.

Speaking on his beliefs and knowing that's he's not alone, Nugent offered, "Right now, I think I have 24 million Facebookers and I go anywhere from 10 million to 36 million Facebookers, so it's not a Ted Nugent hunch. I don't have a hunch about self-evident truth, logic and common sense and the American way and where quality of life comes from: a higher level of awareness, accountability and earning your own way, saving for a rainy day. Hello???? So the things that bring me and you and everybody who has a brain and a heart and a conscience a quality of life, it's really alive and well out there. Unfortunately, it's against the law in the government, the media mostly and academia. And so we've got this triad of anti-Americanism running amok out there where they just don't avoid accountability, they abandon it, they refuse to be accountable on a constitutional or a fiscal level."

Nugent went on to add, "If I could run any segment of our government the way we run the Nugent family, there would be no debt, there would be secure borders, there would be a reduction in crime, there would be an increase in law and order, there would be everything that Donald Trump campaigned for."

He continued, "That being said, I never committed to running for public office. Somebody asked me if I'd be willing to go back to Michigan and keep the 'reliably blue state' red, because that's what I did for the Trump campaign in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. I know what I'm doing. I represent the working-hard-playing-hard Americans who dedicate and sacrifice to be in the asset column. So I told the interviewer that I'd be willing to do anything to get back to the constitution and rugged individualism and accountability. I'd do anything, including running for Senate in Michigan. And so they put out a press release [saying], 'Nugent's running for the Senate.' So I haven't committed to it, but I will repeat to you, as I've said before, there's nothing I wouldn't do to make America great again, to make America safe and secure and America again. And nothing is off the table at this point."

Democrat Debbie Stabenow currently holds the Senate seat that would be the one that Nugent would seek should he decide to run for public office. Hear more of Ted Nugent's discussion while appearing on the Lars Larson Show below.

Hear Ted Nugent on the Lars Larson Show

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