For Sale: Cabinet used by Ted Nugent on tours throughout the 1980s. You know this thing had to have been at Wings Stadium during its travels around the world.

OK, the first thing you're going to want to do is clean it. (You don't know where that thing has been.) The next thought might be to check for drug residue, but Ted Nugent is famously straight edge. A road case, stenciled with three guitars, a skull, and the word "Nugent" has been listed for sale in a Facebook group. The seller writes:

My dad is an antique dealer and "junk" collector. It was used during a Ted nugent tour I believe in the 80s. Other then that I don't have much on it. (sic)

-Jason Ingesoll via West Michigan Musicians Facebook group

Developed for airline travel, these road cases protect guitars, stage lighting, backline sound gear, and other equipment while it is being moved from city to city. Devoted, hard-working roadies handle these cases, doing the heavy lifting as artists travel from town to town. The crew is the team that constructs the big top for the rock and roll circus.

Ted Nugent always performs live without a net. The Whackmaster's ear-splitting guitar solos and flaming archery exhibitions add to his gonzo live shows. Throughout the years, he has traveled the world, taking exit 80 off I-94 at least nine times, to play Wings Stadium, according to the concert database.

Among the most remarkable shows Nugent played at Wings was his first headlining appearance on October 18, 1976. Montrose was the opening act. The singer was a guy named Sammy Hagar. The two became friends and Nuge showed up for Sammy's show at Wings in '84. Ted returned in 1977, '78, '80, '81 and '82 before a little bit of a break. He was back in 1988 with Lita Ford and then the pre-Whiplash Bash concert at the end of 1990 with Damn Yankees and a Detroit band that never quite made it to the next level called Heaven's Wish. The final Ted Nugent concert at Wings Stadium listed in the database is a Damn Yankees show on December 28, 1992.

Now, for the right price, you could own a piece of Ted Nugent's concert history.

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