Did you know it was illegal to buy a Tesla in Michigan? The state that gave birth to the auto industry had banned the next generation...until now. 

Michigan Attorney General Nessel has filed a motion to dismiss a lawsuit filed by Tesla against the state prohibiting sales of their vehicles in Michigan.

Today the state of Michigan defendants Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson and Attorney General Dana Nessel filed a stipulation to dismiss with Tesla that recognizes that any Michigan resident may lawfully buy a Tesla and have it serviced in Michigan. The stipulation acknowledges that Tesla may: operate under existing Michigan law; sell cars to Michigan customers as long as the sales contract indicates the sale took place in a state other than Michigan; and, indirectly own service and repair facilities in Michigan through a subsidiary, Tesla Michigan.

-Kelly Rossman-McKinney, SpokesWoman Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel

A Michigan law passed in 2014, designed to protect the big three automakers, prohibited Tesla from opening company-owned dealerships and service facilities for Tesla vehicles in Michigan. The electric car maker filed a lawsuit in 2016 seeking to overturn the law. Today it has been dismissed, meaning you're not an outlaw for driving a Tesla in Michigan- although you may still get some sideways looks in Detroit.

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