As a kid, pulling up to a carnival or event and seeing that bounce house was almost better than walking into a candy store. We can all remember seeing a bounce house and panning our eyes over to a long line of kids, with their shoes off, shoeless, and jumping around with excitement while they await their turn. Kids would disregard everything else going on at the event to spend their time at the bounce house, having arguably the most fun they've ever had.

Now things have taken a turn and the bounce house scene has been basically given steroids. There are places like Jungle Joes in Kalamazoo, where the whole purpose of their business is to have bounce houses for children to enjoy. There are even new types of bounce houses. They have evolved from the basic castle like bounce houses we were used to. There are now obstacle courses, big balls, slides, and many more different kids of bounce houses to enjoy.

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The Big Bounce America tour is making stops in our area and this is worth it for EVERYONE. After doing some digging, they have both family and adult only sessions, meaning there is fun for the little ones and for the big kids later in the day. There are four different themes which all provide different slide and bounce house experiences. This is one of those good deals like at Michigan Adventures, where you pay one price but get access to all of the bounce parks. Starting at $19 for toddler sessions, $29 for bigger kid sessions, and $39 for Adult Sessions.

The World's Biggest Bounce House

A 13,000 square foot, 32 foot high inflatable landscape filled with amazing customized attractions. From basketball hoops for big air slam dunks, sky touching climbing towers, a giant slide into a ball pit, oversized couches and chairs, and even a 20 foot tall colorful rabbit that can be accessed from by climbing the inside. The best part is that there is even a DJ performing in the center on a stage, providing jams, and keeping the energy up.

Sport Slam

A customized sports arena that's jam packed with all of the equipment that is needed to enjoy the best competition. There are nets, hoops, goals, balls, and other equipment of all sizes for the enjoyment of inflatable athletes all around. There are battle zones where you can challenge family and friends or there is a place for free play.

The Giant

This is one of those crazy bounce houses that I told you came around after we got older. This is one of those wild obstacle courses that will make college athletes feel like they're out of shape. This is a over 900ft long obstacle course with over 50 different obstacles and ends with a monster slide as the finale. You can race family and friends, race against yourself, or just casually leisure enjoying the obstacles as you do your best American Ninja Warrior impersonation. There is even an opportunity to see if you can make it across Wipeout's famous big balls.

Air Space

No, this isn't some crazy bounce house that has trampolines and helps you jump higher, but it does take you to new heights. The air space bounce houses have a space theme and are equipped with all things space. There are aliens, spaceships, moon craters, and more in place to best assimilate the wonders of outer space. There is a 5-lane slide, moon base, moonwalk, and giant space monster to make the fun more exciting.

Big Bounce America will be all over the Midwest. Don't miss your opportunity to have fun. You can go multiple times or only go once, but there are multiple age groups you can attend with. You can take your family and enjoy the day full of jumping and competition. You could also take a significant other for a date or even meet up with friends for a fun time together. They will be in Indianapolis, Indiana on May 14th and 15th, Detroit, Michigan on June 10th, 11th, and 12th. They will also be in Chicago, Illinois and Columbus, Ohio, later this summer with no set date now., check out their website: The Big Bounce America to know when they will be there

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