It seems the drive in is perfect for social distancing. There are a few more things you need to know before you pack up the family for a night out at the movies.

As a seasonal business, time is money at the Capri Drive-In movie theater in Coldwater. The 2020 opening weekend was originally set for March 20, with a double feature of Sonic the Hedgehog and A Quiet Place II. Then everything got quiet as the Coronavirus pandemic spread and many businesses in the state were ordered closed by the governor's Stay at Home directive.

The theater first delayed opening, then reached out to Governor Whitmer for with a plan in place for operation and a petition to reopen. Owner Susan Magocs was on Fox & Friends and a GoFund me page was set up to cover expenses. Finally, defying orders, the Capri opened on Friday, May 15th to cheers and rave reviews. Regular operations will commence this weekend with both screens open and many new rules to keep in mind.

2020 COVID-19 Capri Drive-In Rules:

  • Operating at 50% capacity
  • Vehicles must park every other space
  • You must stay in your vehicle
  • Truck beds or tailgates are OK, but no moving about
  • The snack bar is closed to foot traffic
  • Food orders must be made on the fanfood app and picked up
  • Outside food may be brought in if you purchase a $5 food voucher
  • Bathrooms are limited to 5 patrons at a time
  • Masks must be worn outside your vehicle
  • The playground in front of the screen will remain closed

Patrons are reminded to strictly adhere to all the rules to keep everyone safe and continue to bring you the biggest movies (literally) in Southwest Michigan.

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