The small town of Gobles hosts a one-of-a-kind event this weekend with the Midwest Soda Pop Festival.

You can tell someone is not from around here if they call a carbonated  beverage "soda" and not "pop." (It's also a good bet they're from the South if they call everything a "Coke," even root beer or 7-up.) The Midwest Soda Pop Festival is all-inclusive, with 130+ flavors of glass-bottled drinks to choose from.

The Midwest Soda Pop Festival is free to attend, but it has raised serious money for a new playground in Gobles, as they hit their $30,000 goal earlier this month. Keeping 2020 in mind, this year's event will be held outdoors and organizers say "changes will be made to be Covid safe and social distancing can be observed." You are invited to think back to simpler times and taste your childhood with a Faygo Red Pop or a Dad's Root Beer. Maybe you've heard a relative talk about Cheerwine or Bubble Up? You won't find that at your grocery store, but you can get it here.

Everyone knows you call it "pop" and everything is better in a glass bottle.

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