Let's see if we can recap the most recent stupid/dangerous "challenges" that have been attempted by young and old alike.  It seems to have started with the "Tide Pod Challenge".  Then came the "Bird Box Challenge" followed closely by the "48 Hour Missing Challenge" which consisted of kids going missing to get social media attention.  This, of course, presented many dangerous scenarios.  Well Guess what we have now!

According to kutv.com, there's a terrifying video circulating on the internet encouraging children to kill themselves!  Really???  That's what it's come too???  Apparently, a creepy, bug-eyed woman offers children instructions on how to take their own lives.  Even worse, it's popping up on popular children's sites like YouTube Kids.  The result is obvious.  Kids are having nightmares, some have had to enter therapy and parents are realizing that they can't just let their kids watch sites, they assumed were safe, by themselves.  Get more details by clicking HERE.



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