Located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, in the Keweenaw Peninsula, is a place called Prospector's Paradise, located between the two old mining towns of Allouez and Phillipsville. This place is said to be home to the Keweenaw Vortex, a mysterious force that emanates natural energy from the earth and many underground rivers. Plus, the fact that the area is a Native American burial ground adds to the mystique.

The owners are said to be able to heal the afflicted and "see the dead".

On the grounds is the 'magical tree' where people have stood within the limbs, placed their hands on the knots and claim to have been healed from the natural energy that is within the tree. Aside from the magical tree, the surrounding woods are said to be the home to several ghosts. Many trees strangely grow in curling spirals, some discolored by the copper and silver still deep within the ground. The moss-covered rocks in the woods are said to be grave markers from the burial ground.

Prospector's Paradise, originally an old sawmill, is in a desolate part of the Keweenaw Peninsula wilderness, with plenty of abandoned mines, more ghost towns, and miles of thick forest.

The shop is filled with all kinds of beautiful rocks, stones and minerals. Amethysts, fluorites, jaspers, quartz, and more that appeal to the eye.

The owner says that thanks to the burial ground and underground rivers, the place has become a haven for mystics, psychics, witches, pagans, and many others of the metaphysical and occult. So much so, that thieves continually break into the shop to swipe some of these precious, natural-energy rocks (and sometimes money).

Being in old mining country, the countryside and woods are chuck-full of rare stones. The owners continually scour the abandoned mines and wooded areas, coming back with more rare rocks and minerals to the delight of tourists and those seeking natural earth energy.

Ever dowsed before? They do here. Dowsing branches are used to seek out water underground and ya know what? IT WORKS HERE.

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The owner has been called a wizard, shaman, diviner, necromancer, sorcerer, conjurer, healer, and many other terms. Whatever you want to call him, he is Keeper of the Keweenaw Vortex and proudly so.

Want your aura read? Or maybe hear ghost stories of people who were murdered in the area and haunt the woods and highway? Or maybe you just need a good shot of natural earth energy. Then this is where you need to be.

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