We told you back on June 2 that a new business was coming to town and they were looking to hire over 100 people.  The fact that it was Buddy's Pizza surprised a few folks.  First that a new restaurant business was opening during the pandemic and second that they were looking for that many employees.

We certainly shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth and should reward their confidence with out patronage.  In fact, we really need to support as many local business as possible.  Many are going to have to close and there are also a few who won't even bother to open at this point in time.

Last week we found out about at least one restaurant that has decided to wait even longer to open.  With the restriction of only up to 50% capacity, they did the math.  They'll have 100% rent, 100% staff and only make half the money.

So here we are again.  Everybody whats us to be open and get back to normal but many will remain apprehensive until it's completely safe to re-enter society.  It's up to us, then, to pick up the slack.  That's right.  My family and I are "out there" and one of the places we're looking forward to trying for the first time is the new Buddy's Pizza on Westnedge in the old Chicago Pizza location just North of I-94.

We got word from Joelle Kruczek at Buddy's that opening day will be July 6th at 11:00am with part of the days proceeds going to Housing Resource Inc.  And, in case you or somebody you know is looking, they're still hiring for positions.  Welcome to Kalamazoo Buddy's.

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