I have to admit the first time I heard about concerts at a Drive-In I had difficulty understanding how it would work. I mean forgive me but when I think about Drive-Ins I can't get the thought of cheesy anti mosquito ads (look at all the juicy people) out of my head. The speakers were always crap, barely audible as they echo'd all over the grounds. The bathrooms always stunk and the concession stand was always dirty from all the dirt and gravel being drug in from its hungry patrons.

I decided though that I wouldn't let my ancient perceptions about Drive-Ins stop me from attending a concert in 2020.  With that in mind, here are three of my choice bands I'd like to see at a Drive-In.

Spinal Tap: If you've seen the movie then you will appreciate how this band would make a Drive-In appearance a unique experience. I could see the infamous Stonehenge scene taking place on the stages of screen two or three for instance while the band played on stage of screen one. Talk about maximum use of the facility.

Live Earth London - Show
The infamous Stonehedge scene

GWAR: "Scumdogs of the Universe. We make music and mayhem better and deadlier than anything that has ever existed".  How could you not look forward to a mosquito bitten night of madness & mayhem from a band who has an opening statement like that on their Facebook page?  Never mind that this band looks like the Ninja Turtles after a two week meth binge, they're music compliments the transistor like sound that is emitted from Drive-In speakers. Just keep the kids locked in the vehicle.

GWAR Video Shoot In Times Square
GWAR Rocks!!

Insane Clown Posse : Can't go wrong with clowns. Who doesn't love a clown. Kids love clowns, so you score points with the wife. At one point in the show the band sprays the crowd with Faygo pop, so no need to buy the family drinks. Just have the wife and kids open up and fill up with a cool refreshing red pop bath. Just promise me you will throw a shoe at them if they use Creme Soda. Nobody likes Creme Soda.

The Annual Maldon Mudrace
Getty Images

So there ya go - my recommendations to any Drive-In out there willing to go next level. I'm probably alone in my thought here but what if we did a Drive-In festival and featured all the bands listed? Think how happy the mosquito's would be when looking down at all the juicy people with their skin now flavored in Faygo Pop.

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