It started out with my 15-year-old daughter wanting to see a band called "Walk The Moon" who just happened to be opening for the Rolling Stones at Comerica.  What it became was one of the best concert experiences of my "concert filled" life.

Growing up I was more of a Beatles guy but came to love The Stones in the 70s.  To expect my teenage daughter to feel the same was beyond the realm of possibility.  I was wrong.


What made last night so special was how much Lauren enjoyed the show.  She was so much more excited and entertained by it all than I could have hoped.  Turns out she was already a fan due to growing up in the McKelly family and made a point of familiarizing herself with much of the band's catalog.  And she has a great appreciation for the history of Rock 'n Roll that the Stones represent.  Oh, and, she was freaking out watching Mick dance at 71.  That's my baby girl.