Remember the Scholastic Magazines you’d get in school or read at the dentist/doctor’s office as a kid?  It’s still around and students are learning some cool, important lessons from the children’s publisher.

The students of Mrs. Plowman’s class from Drummond Island, Michigan, posted a video to Facebook thanking Scholastic Magazine for their different articles after they connected to an article the magazine had written about “extreme commutes” students around the world take to get to school.

The students talk about how they have to take a ferry across the St Mary’s river to get to school functions at De Tour Village, and that means “braving cold wind and waves to get to school activities.”  They also talk about how they deal with minus 20-degree temps when coming and going to school.

In the video they also thank Scholastic Magazine for helping them realize they’re not alone in their “extreme commute” – and as I watch their video, I realize having to walk up a hill in "Arkansas humidity" was nothing compared to riding a ferry in negative temperatures, just to go to basketball practice or even drama club.   I’ll be over here not complaining about my childhood anymore.

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