I'm not sure when we coined the word "stay-cation" but it's certainly been said and done a lot this year.  I've always said that we are lucky to live in Michigan because of all the stay-cation possibilities.

Usually, stay-cations are only a few days like a long weekend not a week or even 2.  But in 2020, the week or 2 week vacations aren't as practical during the pandemic.  So, what if you still wanted to take a week or 2 but also "stay-cate"?  Well maybe the Ultimate Michigan Road Trip is right up your address.

Michigan native Randy Olson has come up with what he thinks is the perfect Michigan road trip.  It spans a little over 2,000 miles and includes 43 stops in both lower and upper Michigan.  And, yes, Kalamazoo is one of the stops on the trip.

He claims the trip should take about 40 hours on the road so there will have to be some very specific planning unless, ya know, you have an unlimited amount of time.  And he says the best time would be in the Fall, for obvious reasons, but this seems more like a Summer kind of stay-cation.

For me there wouldn't be 43 stops along the way.  I've actually narrowed it down to 32 sites at the most.  There are places I've already been and others I never want to go near.  If nothing else it could be a travel bucket list.

There's still enough Summer left if you want to try and tackle this ultimate Michigan road trip.  Check out some of the details by clicking HERE.

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