There are few things we've known we can depend on. Old Faithful. The Lions biffing it. Theo and Stacy's annual Thanksgiving dinner. However, thanks to the pandemic, for the first time in 47 years, one of these tried and true staples is taking a bye year. After a lot of thought and debate, Theo and Stacy's has decided to cancel their community meal.

For years, area residents have come to depend on Theo and Stacy's for their generosity every November, but due to the latest COVID restrictions closing dining rooms throughout Michigan, it just didn't seem possible to keep this tradition afloat. According to an article from MLive, Stacy Skartsiaris, the "Stacy" of Theo and Stacy's fame said, quote:

We shut down, how can we do it? We can’t... Our hands are tied.

Always well attended and very appreciated, the annual Theo and Stacy's Community Thanksgiving would serve close to 2,500 meals. Unfortunately, in order to keep everyone safe and contain the spread of COVID-19, the people that have come to depend on that meal as their way of celebrating the holiday will have to find somewhere else to go.

This is just one of many annual events that has been cancelled, postponed, or changed to accommodate the pandemic restrictions. Even places that were set to reopen with strategies in place, like the Kalamazoo State Theatre, have had to make last minute decisions about whether or not to follow through.

It's certainly disappointing for Theo, Stacy, their staff, and the members of our community who will miss out this year, but we miss out so that next year we're not missing anyone at our table.

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