When you find yourself in the mood for a steak, you want that steak to be delicious. After all, they're not cheap and, unfortunately, are easily overcooked too. So, you want to know that the place you choose not only has savory steaks but also knows how to serve them up at the perfect temperature. Obviously, that's medium rare, right?

In the Facebook group Kalamazoo Foodie, Vicki B. just asked the question,

Best steakhouse? Willing to travel a bit.


With over 100 answers, it looks like the people of Kalamazoo have some great recommendations. While their suggestions were spread out over the entire state of Michigan, I'm going to focus on the ones that are located in West Michigan specifically.

Here are 8 West Michigan restaurants serving up some savory steaks:

1. Bill's Steakhouse - Bronson/Coldwater

Easily the most recommended steakhouse on this list, Bill's Steakhouse seems to have almost a cult following. Their menu, of course, offers plenty of steak options but also includes items like pasta, chicken, onion rings, and more. They've been in operation for over 50 years and, clearly, have figured out the steak game. You can find their full menu, address, and hours on their website.

2. Four Roses Cafe - Plainwell 

Now, Four Roses Cafe isn't specifically a steakhouse but they were recommended by Jerry R. who said,

Four Roses in Plainwell, they do an awesome tomahawk chop steak.

They seem to focus on locally sourced and freshly made dishes. However, their hours are listed last 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. Something to keep in mind if you're looking for a dinner option instead. You can see their current menu on their website.

3. The Chop House - Grand Rapids 

The Chop House is a group of restaurants spread out across Ohio, Michigan, and West Virginia. Their menu features USDA Prime Steaks and midwestern grain-fed meats, according to their Facebook page. You'll find classic steaks like filet mignon, ribeye, and more on their menu along with some specialty items like Beef Wellington and a dry-aged, bone-in NY strip. Their online menu, however, does not list prices. See their menu and more here.

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4. The Grill House - Allegan 

A 'grill your own steak' restaurant, The Grill House has several options for your steak cravings. The only difference is that you get to cook it. Aside from their bacon-wrapped filet, porterhouse, and NY Strip steaks, you can also find shrimp dinners, and chicken options, too. They have separate hours for their 'grill house' versus their 'pub'. See the hours and menus for both on their website.

5. Kitchen House - Richland

On their website, Kitchen House's slogan is, "Live to eat," which is something that speaks to my soul. Glancing at their menu, they seem to have more Italian-inspired dishes with only one steak option. However, Emily S. recommended it saying,

Kitchen House has the best steak

That one option must be delicious. Kitchen House is also known for their mascarpone mac 'n' cheese which has apparently won Best Mac N Cheese in Kalamazoo. See their full menu, hours, and more here.

6. Black Rock Bar & Grill - Portage

Black Rock Bar & Grill is also a 'cook your own steak' restaurant. However, they provide a 755-degree volcanic stone for you to cook your steaks on. Now, if you feel nervous about cooking your own steak, they do provide a guide on how long you should cook your steak based on what temperature you prefer. Medium-rare, for example, is 15-25 seconds on each side. Black Rock also offers non-steak options, salads, and soups too. See their full menu for their Portage location here.

7. Texas Roadhouse - Portage

Is Texas Roadhouse a huge chain? Yes. Do they also serve up some delicious steaks? Also, yes. They offer classic options like ribeye, filet mignon, and a Dallas filet. But, they also serve up dishes like their Road Kill, chop steak smothered in sauteed onions and mushrooms along with jack cheese. See their full menu and hours here.

Again, there were over 100 comments on the above-mentioned Facebook post asking for steakhouse suggestions. Including every single one on this list just wasn't possible but, you can see them all here.

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