If you think that tater tots were better left on your elementary school lunch tray, you are missing out on some outrageous and awesome tater tots served at restaurants, bars and diners around Michigan. These are the 5 best tater tots the Mitten could hold.

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    Fly Inn


    Located on the grounds of the Plainwell Municipal Airport, the Fly Inn, with its turboprop motif serves some universally praised tater tots. One review on TripAdvisor was simply "Mmm tater tots" and on Facebook they raved, "the Olive Burger is my fave with a side of hot crispy tater tots."

    And since the restaurant is located on the grounds of the airport, watching takeoffs and landings is included in the price of the meal.

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    The Wurst Bar


    The Wurst Bar is one of the best in Michigan (bet they've never heard that joke before) when it comes to tater tots.

    The pub makes its own sausages, including a traditional bratwurst which takes a bath in Pabst Blue Ribbon before cooking, which are served in a bread pan with heaps of crispy tater tots.

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    Mercury Bar


    Mercury Burger & Bar sits in the shadow of Detroit's landmark Michigan Central Station in the city's Corktown neighborhood.

    Being so close to the Ambassador Bridge and Windsor Tunnel to Windsor, it's no surprise that Mercury Bar would put a Canadian twist to tots by topping them with gravy and cheese.These are must-try Poutine Tots.

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    Detroit, Ann Arbor, East Lansing, Grand Rapids

    At HopCat locations around Michigan you won't find your everyday pedestrian tater tots. Nope. The chain serves up what they call Super Mega Crack Tots which, to quote the menu, are "Giant-a$$ Tater Tots sprinkled with our signature cracked black pepper seasoning. Served with a side of warm cheese sauce for dipping."


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    Maddy's Tavern


    Maddy's Tavern is a welcome oasis for travelers on rural US 31 between Interlochen and Traverse City. At Maddy's tot lovers will find 5 different varieties of tot creations including their version of poutine called Disco Tots. Maddy's also does a take on potato skins doing tots up with bacon, cheese and scallions. Tots are also done nachos style and buffalo as well.

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