A recent post on Facebook's Vanished Kalamazoo page became sort of its own rabbit hole. It started with a photograph of the Kalamazoo Grill in Amman, Jordan. Yes, the one on Yathreb St. But it led to comments about other things labeled with the Kalamazoo name.

But first, the Middle-Eastern restaurant; Whoever does the Kalamazoo Grill's photography should get a hearty pat on the back, as their food looks mouthwatering and tasty. The Trip Advisor reviews are mostly good, except for one sorehead three years ago. One VK commenter did make a funny observation. How can it call itself the Kalamazoo Grill and not have an olive burger on the menu? Good point.

(One quick aside: Being able to do a Google Street View on this place makes you realize how small a world we really live in now.)

But the discussion on Vanished Kalamazoo led to some other interesting information. One reader posted of finding a "'Kalamazoo Chop House' in Ghana, in the middle of nowhere". A follow-up second post reasoned "K Collège had a study program in Ghana for many years - may have inspired the name."

Also upon reading through the comments, I came to find out about a somewhat-now-out of date accounting system used in Europe, or more specifically in the U.K, "the Kalamazoo system.

This is a brief explanation.

"The Kalamazoo system is fairly old and I haven't seen it in use for over ten years, but it still does apparently exist. The system uses ledger cards, carbon paper and ledger sheets (although they may have found a way to avoid carbon paper).

Beyond that, you'd probably have to be an accountant to understand it.

And there's a line of "Kalamazoo" beauty care products from a company named Lush, in Australia that I wrote about a year ago, and completely forgot about.

And no story about things named Kalamazoo would be complete without this Hoyt Axton classic, that was featured on WKRP in Cincinnati.

(CountryTunes0815007 via YouTube)

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Irving Gilmore Mansion, Kalamazoo, 516 W. South Street,

This is the Irving Gilmore Mansion in downtown Kalamazoo, a block from the Art Institute, Bronson Park and the Civic Center.

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