OK...I'm no expert and I haven't conducted a thorough survey but I was completely surprised at the result of a survey conducted in each state in the country to find out what breed of dog is the most popular in every state.  This is insignificant in the grand scheme of things and the energy I've used in my concern of the results could have been used in a more constructive and useful way to better our society that's for sure.  But this is somehow so far-fetched that it has garnered this attention.

I decided to just take stock in all the people I know who have dogs and what those dogs are and not one of them has the breed that msn.com says is the most popular in Michigan.  According to them the most popular breed in the state is a Rottweiler.  That's right a Rottweiler.  Now, I don't have anything against Rottweilers but don't recall ever meeting one.  It seems to me that there might be more Labs or Shepherds or Retrievers.  Nevertheless, the results apparently came from google trends and the American Kennel Club.  Go figure.  Check out the rest of the story by clicking HERE.

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