La Porte County Sheriff Deputies recently got the call police lore is made up of when they responded to a reports of a large hog on the loose. Deputies found the hog wandering the area of CR 500 West & CR 150 North.

Where the wandering hog came from is still a mystery but reports on the La Porte County Deputy Facebook page report some folks spotting the rather large hog wandering the streets and at times causing drivers to have to avoid hitting it.

Facebook Response from the community was as you would expect.

Richard Grott was quick to point out: "This thing is bigger than their patrol car"

Chip Edward gave kudos to some hog manure protection: "Good idea on the poop shield...just sayin'"

Jessica Young posted: "I seriously just read the part of Charlottes Web where Wilbur got out to my daughter right now before I saw this.

Anna Peceny had this clever line: "He was looking for his polling place to vote"

Frank Hart says: "Did Kermit the frog file a missing girlfriend report"

Diane Wolff guessed: "Early Voter"

and Rick Nixon went where all wanted to go with: "I smell bacon"

The hog was not harmed in the round up and no one has stepped forward to claim the piggy yet.

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