Michigan Police just announced that soon, Taylor police will be using RADDOG technology, a fully robotic dog-like bot, on the field. The senior vice president of revenue operations for RAD, Troy McCanna, recently spoke to Freep and explained how this evolution of the police dog can be a great thing in changing times:

The integration of RADDOG 2LE into police forces is a testament to our commitment to delivering innovative solutions for public safety. We are proud to be at the forefront of this technological advancement, setting a precedent for modern policing that could shape the future of law enforcement operations, not just in Michigan, but nationwide.

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Is A Robot or a Regular Police Dog Better?

There are a lot of obvious differences between a robot and a regular dog, but one of the advantages a robot dog has is the ability to de-escalate. The robot has a camera in it that lets police have conversations with a suspect or any individuals without risking some kind of confrontation.

Are Robot Dogs Coming To Ohio Police Forces?

It is quite possible that if they see a lot of success with the rad dog technology it could be a step in the direction of more departments using this model. One would have to imagine that if this takes off in Michigan, it’s only a matter of time before surrounding states like Indiana and Ohio start using the technology as well.

Lt. Jeff Adamisin in particular also commented on possible, life-saving measures while having a robot dog in place:

I think everybody's watching what we do with it and the excitement locally has been very good. I think a lot of people would rather risk a robot getting shot or damaged than an officer.

All in all, I don't see the harm in at least testing this tech out to see what kind of positive changes it can bring to the force.

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