What's the story behind the driver of this minivan? Neighbors in one Battle Creek neighborhood are concerned.

The van was captured on security camera footage and shared on Facebook with the following message:

Battle Creek!!! So last week, I got home from work and noticed this van sitting outside my house. They slowly drove by a few times, stopping and parking in front of a few houses on my street scoping houses out in the middle of the afternoon. He didn’t see me at first, but eventually I made eye contact with the guy, and he left. I told my friend about it (she lives in the same area) so she could keep an eye out and keep herself safe. Sure enough, she spotted this same exact van parked outside the house she’s staying at, and later that night the back door of that house was kicked in from an attempted breaking and entering. Odds are it is the same van. Everyone keep your eyes out in the Minges/Riverside area!

For those commenting about police reports: I did file a police report on the attempted B&E and showed them this van. I couldn’t get a plate number, so naturally that is the reason for this post. Look out for this van, and help get the plate number!

The commentor says they have made Battle Creek police aware of their concerns.

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